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In our organic garden you will find fruit trees such as
mango, strawberry guava, yellow guava, jackfruit, grapefruit, avocado, orange, lemon, lime, tangerine, tamarindo,
guanabana, star fruit, arrayan, neem, moringa, cacao and
palm trees of coconuts.

You will find a variety of passion fruit, bananas,
papayas, species, nopales, chilies, lettuce, spinach,
arugula, swiss chard and seasonal vegetables.

This garden was made with a lot of love and dedication.
We do not use pesticides or chemicals, only organic
products such as neem, sawdust, compost, manure
of cow, ant, chicken and goat.

The fences that surround the garden are covered with flower vines of all colors, thus attracting hummingbirds and bees that pollinate the entire garden and filling it with life.  

We have free-range chickens and ducks that we feed with products such as grains, oats, compost, moringa and coconuts.
Providing our guests with healthy, happy organic eggs.
The children love feeding the chickens and collecting the eggs.

Interacting in balance with the animal and plant world, we learn where the food comes from and the importance of having a relationship of love, respect and gratitude towards our animals.

We have a wild bee hive that arrived and made our garden their home. We are very lucky for that, since the bees not only provide us with honey from our own organic fruit trees,
but they also pollinate our entire garden keeping it
super healthy and in balance 

We have trash cans for recycling, separating
glass, cardboard, aluminum, plastic, organic and inorganic.
The organic waste is given to the chickens and
citrus fruits back to the earth.

We ask our guests to wash recyclable containers before placing them in the trash.

Our intention is to create more awareness of the responsibility we have with our mother earth. Understanding that
we are the change we want to see on this planet.
It all starts at home.




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