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We offer private lifeguard service for swimming pools, lagoon or sea. It is the perfect solution to enjoy your holidays, have fun at your own party and relax on a family beach day. Let our professional certified lifeguard provide the security and peace you need.

Simply because you deserve it!. We take care of the security so that you relax 100% and return from your vacation refreshed and renewed.


$25 dlls por hora

mínimo 4 horas para este servicio



  • Certified Professional Lifeguard (see resume at the bottom of this page)

  • Umbrella and chair

  • Lifeguard equipment (uniform, whistle, boogie, lifebuoy, fins)

  • First aid kit



  • Born and raised in Hawaii

  • Surf professional for 10 years

  • 35+ years of surfing experience

  • Currently a professional lifeguard for Los Angeles County (15 years)

  • Coach for amateur surfers

  • Judge for surf contest, (Amateur and Professional)

  • Certified in APNEA

  • EMT Certified

  • Pro surfer



Keoni Nalu Cuccia

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