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Arroyo seco is the ideal place to rest and disconnect from your daily routine, the noise and
the fast pace
 that life demands. In this magical place full of nature you can connect with
yourself and its beautiful sunsets t
hat will leave you breathless.

It is a very special place to take a healthy or adventurous vacation with your partner,
family or friends. Disconnecting a bit from technology and connecting with nature.
Not only you will spend a magical time, but you will return to your home renewed.

What makes Arroyo Seco unique is its rural place with virgin beaches, without tourism where
technology and business development has not reach yet.
Ideal for nature lovers that like quiet places with no tourism, that seek to reset and recharge.
In its surroundings it has beautiful beaches and fields of mangos, papayas and coconuts.

Arroyo Seco has a small town 5 minutes driving from the beach or 15 minutes walking,
with 358 habitants. It is a town where you will feel that you are in real Mexico,
since its essence remains intact in culture, simplicity and joy of its people.
Where you see the chickens running down the street, fishermen and farmers working
in contact with nature and where the families still gather in their streets at sunset.

The lifestyle is very simple and sustainable. The streets are dirt roads and around this small town is
surrounded by pure nature, donkeys, cows, horses, hills with great lookouts. It has a big estuary
for freshwater fishing, kayaking and amazing bird watching.
It has 2 beaches famous for their beauty and for the practice of surfing. (Playa Chica and Playa Grande).


Activities in Arroyo Seco:

- Surfing.

- Spend the day in the natural sea pools at the south end of the beach of Playa Grande, they call it Tecuan.

- Watch the sunset at the Tecuan look-out.

- Fishing in the estuary.

- Fishing on the shore of the beach.

- Spearfishing on the islands in front of the sea.

- Kayaking in the estuary and birdwatching. 

- Hiking through the mango, papaya and coconut fields and visit the different look-outs with incredible views.

- Mountain bike (I recommend going to Playa Chica or Tenacatita for their natural paradises).

- Skimboarding.

Kiteboarding (best season from February to June).

- Turtle release at Capacha center, playa grande (+52 315 104 5442).

- Surf lessons with Keoni (+1 805 7941509).

- Classes of Yoga, meditation, Pilates reformer, breathing or sound healing with Paikea Mexico (+52 624 1450434).

Visit Playa Chica, a virgin paradise. 

- Temazcal (ancestral sweat lodge) in playa chica with Dany (+52 55 3078 8755) or Pily (+52 55 3154 6697).

Note: Paikea Mexico rents equipment and offers tours for most of these activities (+52 624 1450434).



- Enjoy a delicious dinner or a margarita in the beautiful sunsets that "Rojo Restaurant" (bar & restaurant) offers facing the ocean here in Playa Grande Arroyo Seco. This restaurant has a beautiful architecture all made of bamboo.

(open for lunch and dinner from Thursday to Sunday) +52 315 1045442

- Delicious seafood with "Lupita" in Playa Grande. (open for meals on weekends) +52 3151004293

- Tacos with Juanita in town (open for dinner on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays)

- Mexican breakfasts and lunch with Doña Chuya in the town. (open from 8am to 3pm)

- Pizza deliver from Thursday to Sunday with Ramon (+52 393 1674191)


In its surroundings:

- Kayaking and snorkeling in Tenacatita beach (20 min)

- Stand up paddle boarding at Xametla beach (35 min)

- Hot springs in Agua caliente (15 min)

- Horseback riding in the paradise of Careyes (30min),

- Horseback riding in the beautiful bay of Punta Perula (40min)

- Horseback riding in Boca de iguanas (30min)

- Spend the day in the stunning Careyitos beach and enjoy the "Lilo beach club" for drinks or a delicious meal

(+52 5534555720)

- Visit Punta Perula and take a panga to Islas Cocinas, a virgin island, a paradise that you shouldn't miss

- Visit the hidden beach called La Vena in the bay of los angeles locos

- Visit boca de iguanas beach

Note: Paikea Mexico rents equipment and/or offers tours for most of these activities (+52624 1450434)


- La Viuda, the best seafood on the highway of Chametla, open for breakfast and lunch (9:00am - 6pm)  

+52 315 1008716

- Punto Como, Italian cuisine in Plaza de los Caballeros del Sol in the town of Careyes, open for dinner

(3:30pm - 11:00pm) +52 315 3512014

- La Coscolina, multicultural cuisine with vegan dishes in Plaza de los Caballeros del Sol in the town of Careyes, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. (9am - 10pm) +52 3153510630

- Casa de nada, bar & restaurant, in the Careyes polo, open for dinner (5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.) +52 3141651297

- Lilo beach club in careyitos beach, open for lunch and dinner (2pm - 9:30pm) +52 5534555720

- La Vena, seafood, on the hidden virgin beach of Los Angeles Locos. (no phone) 

- La Mosca, seafood, in Tenacatita next to the river, open for breakfast and lunch (9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.)

+52 315 1151244

- Boca de iguanas Restaurant, seafood on the beach open from (11am - 6:30pm) +52 315 1137122

- In Tenacatita beach you will find many restaurants on the beach and many food options to choose from.

- Punta Perula Restaurant, seafood, in Punta Perula +52 315 1099030

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