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We are a sustainable place in the pacific coast of Mexico, where we host people from all over the world who seek to connect with nature, peace and a simple healthy life.
We offer our guests a beautiful organic garden full of fruit trees, with free range chickens, ducks and rabbits that provide a unique and special atmosphere.

We also offer our guests personalized services of Yoga, Meditation, Breathing, Pilates Reformer, Sound healing and Surf lessons among others. Promoting health, knowledge and well-being of body, mind and spirit through nature, exercise, breathing and conscious eating.

At Paikea Mexico we believe that we are the change we want to see in the world, and that change begins in the most basic things like our breathing, eating and
how we relate to ourselves and everything that surrounds us.


With our coherence and example we will create that world of love, peace and balance we so much desire.



It all started with a dream of having my little organic farm near the beach, where I could walk to go surfing and on my way back open a fresh coconut from my garden.

Have organic eggs for breakfast from
my free range chickens.

Watch my fruit trees grow and have an organic garden to feed us healthily.
Have bees that pollinate our garden
and give us honey.

Surround ourselves with free and happy animals to enjoy a simple life in
connection with nature.

Return to the natural flow of life, without haste, without pressure, living organically
and in the present. 

Make a good team with someone I love so together we see our dreams grow.

Today I feel a lot of gratitude because I
didn't doubt. I followed my dreams and
listen to my heart.

But I feel even more gratitude because I never imagined that I would be able to share this dream, this magical place and this lifestyle with people from all
over the world.




Maintain a sustainable place, in balance and harmony with nature and its living beings.

Share the importance of caring for the environment.

May your stay here in Paikea Mexico not only be a vacation full of adventure and in contact with nature, but also return home rich in knowledge and health of body, mind and spirit.

Spread an organic and simple lifestyle in balance with our body and our environment.

Teach techniques such as recycling, lighting a bonfire, opening a coconut, taking eggs from chickens, planting, harvesting, among other things.

Create more awareness in the care of the body and mind through Yoga, Meditation, Pilates reformer, Breathing and Surfing.

Provide an environment of silence, peace and tranquility so that our guests can rest and return home refreshed. 

Offer to our guests the products that the organic garden is providing.

Donate 10% of the income to the community of Arroyo Seco for education, sterilization of dogs and cats, beach cleaning and garbage recycling.



The name Paikea comes from New Zealand and represents the spiritual union between the human world and the natural world and the potential that is revealed when nature is respected instead of exploiting it.

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